Mozilla Firefox 2014: What’s New?

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser available for download for several different platforms on both desktop and mobile devices. It is packed with features that allow its users to explore the internet while keeping their own personal preferences and content safe, secure, and organized. As an added bonus, it’s extremely fast and strives to provide its users with a simple and convenient browsing experience that they will love. Each new version of Mozilla Firefox brings with it a series of updates that improve performance. Let’s explore some of the most recent new, developer, and fixed updates for this Mozilla Firefox 26.

New and Changed Updates

New updates continue to bring the software up to date and compatible with its users’ needs. Java plug-ins are now the go-to method for click-to-play entities. and there is now support for mp3 decoding. Script-generated password fields are now recognized and supported by the password manager. Windows users who wish to perform updates may now do so without Firefox install directory permissions. There are also gstreamer plug-ins available to install that allow for full support of H.264 on Linux.

Developer Updates

Developer updates for Firefox come straight from the software developers in order to improve the overall experience of the product. Firefox now supports CSS image orientation properties and does not provide a prompt for appcache on websites that use it. A new app manager has been implemented that allows users to remove the bugs from HTML5 web apps on phones that use Firefox OS. Social API, or which is a social media service integration program, now supports Social Bookmarking. There has also been an update in temporary storage capacity.

Fixed Updates

Sometimes pieces of a program need to be fixed for efficiency. There have been assorted security fixes throughout the system with this latest update. Page load times are quicker because images that aren’t visible are no longer being decoded. Now the EXIF orientation information in a JPEG image are matched by Firefox in order to more efficiently display standalone images.

These are the major updates that have been put in place for Mozilla Firefox 26. Speed and security lend to the convenience of using the browser, and each of these entities has been addressed and upgraded in the most recent update. Developers strive to keep their product up to date and in optimum working order which is a great benefit to its users.