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CCleaner download information

When using the internet daily, a lot of content from websites can be stored into your computer or laptop without your knowledge. Not all of them are harmful of course; some make it convenient, like some temporary files such as the ones that are able to remember passwords, and cookies. Ccleaner is a free program that allows users to clear out that content when it is not needed. It prevents from slowing computers or laptops down by making space available.

Capabilities of CCleaner

CCleaner is available for both Windows and Mac users. It is a small and free download that can be found through simply Google searching Ccleaner. On their website, there is also the option to purchase a professional version which provides their full features along with priority support. However, the free version comes with enough features to help out any computer. The interface of CCleaner is easy to navigate and use. It allows users to locate, clean out, and correct the registry for Windows. It is possible to delete internet history, the recycle bin, log files, system caches, and other data. It can delete system restore points and unnecessary files to make the computer faster.

This freeware program does not focus solely on deleting files from one internet browser or software. In fact, it cans temporary files, download history, form history and cookies from Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. CCleaner can remove third party applications which can come from other downloads without your knowledge. While some programs give you the option to download something else, some do not. This program can identify that which has been unused or too old and can automatically remove them for you. There is a “slim” version available as well, which does not include a toolbar. The “portable” version allows people to take Ccleaner on the go with them on a USB drive.

Both the free and the professional version come handy on any Windows or Mac computer. When uninstalled from any computer, it does not leave any trace files behind. When installed, it prompts you to install Google Chrome and asks you if you’d like to make it a default browser. If this is not wanted, simply uncheck the boxes. Ccleaner does the job of removing the unnecessary files on your computer without leaving any files behind, and does not contain any viruses, spyware or adware.