The Evolution of Google Chrome

Google is a name that most of us are very familiar with. Google search is so popular that many brands have taken to incorporating the search engine into a regular fixture of their mobile devices search bar. We know that Google can generate top searches for us, but what else can it do? Google has a long list of items in its arsenal, and one of the heavy hitters on that list is Google Chrome. Chrome is a web browser that was made by Google to compete with such popular browsers as Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome plays host to many user conveniences and, as you would expect, puts a Google twist on many common browser tools.

The Fundamentals of Chrome:

Google Chrome has many faculties that ensure that your browsing experience is one that is easy and enjoyable. Among those faculties are bookmarks and settings synchronization, top of the line security, malware blocking, plugins, privacy mode, speed, stability, user-friendly interface, desktop shortcuts and apps, and mobile device capabilities. All of these have been evolved and implemented over time in response to user needs and software weaknesses. Google Chrome is in a continuous state of evolution which gives it the capability of being at the forefront of the competitive curve.

The Process of Google Chrome:

Google Chrome utilizes different channels in order to observe, correct, and discard necessary parts of the program. These channels are know as Stable, Beta, and Developer. Later an additional channel was added know as Canary. The Chrome Developer channel handles builds that are less stable and less polished. The Beta channel takes over where the Developer channel leaves off and handles the slightly more polished versions of the builds. The Stable channel will be updated with features and fixes only after they have been extensively tested in the Beta channel. The Canary channel was implemented to catch all developments that seem to crash the program so that they can be halted before they go on to the Development channel. Chrome automatically updates itself. On both Windows and OS X it uses Google updates to keep itself up to date. This feature can be disabled if so desired.

Chrome offers a versatile outlook on web browsing. This versatility is possible through the continual analysis and implementation of product updates and advances. Google goes the extra mile to make your browsing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. The browsers popularity has even proven to extend deeper into the market as of late, since more users now browse with Chrome than Firefox!