AVG Free Antivirus Features and Specs

AVG free anti-virus

AVG antivirus is a free protection tool intended for use by non commercial, private, and single home computer use. The free antivirus program is available without charge to home users for the product’s lifetime. This easy to use program does not require much in the way of system resources, but in return provides high speed performance for the computer it is installed on.

AVG Features

AVG’s free antivirus provides basic protections that prove to be invaluable to customers. AVG free antivirus is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. AVG has other software available for Macs, mobile phones, and tablets. Businesses have different options for AVG antivirus software, which are available separately from the free antivirus intended for home usage. Automatic updates assist users to keep their protection current. The AVG antivirus program keeps users protected against identity theft, hackers, scams, spam, and other threats. All of these tasks are performed while providing users with a clear and understandable interface. AVG Internet Security keeps users safe as they browse the web, but also provides solutions for local safety: File Shredder and Data Safe. The File Shredder reduces digital recovery trails and makes deleting files more effective. Data Safe is a folder encryption software that allows files to be sealed away safely, only unlocked via password.

AVG Specifications

The newest free AVG release is version 2014.0.4259, which was released in late November 2013. The file, which is available at both the AVG and CNET websites for download, has been downloaded over five hundred million times. AVG Technologies USA presents a simple yet effective tool that only requires the download of a few megabytes to install a program that is capable of protecting personal computers from common basic threats. According to CNET, the product ranks at second place top program available in the antivirus software market. AV-TEST results from 2013 indicate a drop in protection from AVG antivirus services. Performance remained the same has previous years, and usability increased significantly. The test results from the Independent IT-Security Institute have not yet been released for 2014.

AVG has consistently provided above average service for years. The powerful specs and features behind the program make AVG’s free antivirus a top choice for users worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of computer owners download this product every week. This is a true testament to the product’s effectiveness, popularity, and reliability.