AIM for Your Mobile

AIM AOL instant messenger

In the past, AIM may have been your go-to instant messaging software when it came time to chat with friends and family. AIM chat used be a very popular source of connection between friends, family, and businesses. Today’s market is flooded with a multitude of devices that are centered on convenience for the user. A few of these devices include mobile phones, tablets, and mini tablets. Devices such as these have increased our connectivity. What about getting the classic AIM chat on devices such as these?

Which Devices?

If you are an avid user of mobile devices, there is little more disappointing than finding out that the software you love to use is unavailable. This falls short only to dropping your mobile device in the toilet or running it over as you back out of the driveway. If you have a Mac or a PC, then you will have no trouble gaining access to AIM chat. It is as simple as visiting the site and signing up. In 2008, AIM launched an application for iPhone and iPod Touch. If you wish, you can download the application for free but this application will come complete with advertising. You can purchase the application for a small fee that will keep you free from advertising. In 2010, AIM launched an application that is compatible with the iPad. Outside of Apple, the only other devices you can get AIM chat for are those that use the Android operating system.

What to Expect?

The app supports standard AIM accounts along with MobileMe accounts. If you wish to access AIM from your Apple device, there is also an express version of AIM which can be reached by going through Safari, your device’s internet browser. From the app you can expect to be able to build a buddy list, group message, upload photos and videos, and file-share. The application is continually updated as needed and is streamlined to be similar to Facebook and Twitter. It also gives you the ability to send voice messages up to sixty seconds long.

If you are fond of AIM then have no worries. AOL Instant Messenger has made their service available to the new generation of technologies. Simply access the app store from you iOS or Android enabled device and search for AIM. From there it is as simple as pressing install.