Additional Offers

Software that may be offered during installation

These offers will be displayed depending on the user’s location as well as the configuration of his/her PC, considered normal to display 3-4 offers. You also have the chance to reject all the offers at the start and during the process. Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

web-companion-logoWeb Companion

Warns you when you are about to visit a malicious website or dangerous URL.  Allows you to set which home page loads on your browser’s startups.

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web-guard-logoWeb Guard

Audit your website for security vulnerabilities and malware with our world class site scanner for FREE! No obligations.No additional conditions.

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Pro PC Cleanerpro-pc-logo

View all duplicate files, error message, and other junk that may be slowing down your system, then remove what you want to remove.  Windows registry is the central communication hub for your system, but it can become bogged down with outdated messages and files.

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Web Bar Searchweb-bar-logo

WebBar integrates seamlessly with your default browser, open applications, and Windows settings. It inherits your existing color schemes, and eliminates the need for browser clutter that gets in your way. WebBar’s intuitive browsing toolbar runs straight from your desktop, sitting conveniently at the top of your screen. Just enter a URL or search term, and you get instant results!

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Bubble Dockbubble-dock-logo

Find your favorite content in one click.News, games, Facebook, emails, web TV, Youtube videos, shortcuts, Apps, RSS, podcasts … all your content is accessible with one click on your desktop. It’s simple: just click on one of these icons on the dock to access the information you want.

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Super Optimizersuper-optimizer-logo

Spyware, spammers, and devious malware crooks. Clean up by removing junk files, online activity, history, and invalid shortcuts to keep your PC equipped and secure. With Super Optimizer, you have the power to easily erase any detected registry errors. However, if you wish to turn back time and undo those changes, backup restore points can be made at any time.

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PC TuneUp Maestro Optimizerpc-tuneup-logo

PC TuneUp Maestro easily and safely improves slow computer performance while eliminating system errors and crashes by offering a variety of simple but powerful push-button maintenance and optimization tools. System Registry Scan & Clean quickly seeks, cleans and removes erroneous or obsolete registry entries, to keep your computer system stable and free of performance issues.

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Driver Restoredriver-restore-logo

Driver Restore checks driver compatibility with your computer’s manufacturer to update the correct drivers. Computers systems will be updated with drivers that have been approved for your manufacturer’s system. Driver Restore scans your computer system and hardware devices to locate the most up-to-date drivers from a database of over 11 million drivers. Driver Restore adds hundreds of new drivers every day to the database.

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Driver Finderdriver-finder-logo

Automatically searches for and updates drivers on your PC. If you’re having problems with Windows then there’s a good chance a driver is either corrupted or damaged. Drivers are the files that help run the different components on your PC and making sure you have the most updated ones is essential to the smooth running of your PC. DriverFinder automatically detects your PC model and searches online for the most updated drivers. When it detects drivers that are either missing or need updating, it can automatically download and help install them. However, in this basic version, you can only see which drivers are missing or damaged. You must upgrade to the full version in order to download and install drivers.

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PC Speed Uppc-speedup-logo

PC Speed Up will scan your PC and search for settings, processes and files that are slowing down your performance before it uses number of effective tools to optimise your computer. Using one-click, PC Speed Up will make your network settings, hard disc, memory and CPU optimised and will improve the overall performance. Fast and easy to use PC Speed Up will clean your PC and will make it run faster.

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