Ad Aware For Staying Protected


With the major importance our computers play in our daily lives, keeping our computers and the information they contain safe is a major concern for most people. Both luckily and unluckily there are many different anti-virus programs out there. Sometimes it can be a daunting task just selecting what anti-virus software to use. You will find everything from free versions to one time purchases to annual subscriptions. An excellent option is Ad Aware from Lava Soft.

Free Protection

Ad Aware offers several different product options for virus protection on your home computer. Lava Soft is well known for their legendary spyware protection. The Ad Aware Free Antivirus+ combines that legendary spyware protection with a powerful antivirus and enhances them with real time protection, download protection while continuously updating filters against malicious URLs. Ad Aware Free Antivirus+ provides top of the line protection for the casual computer user and has been called “The best free protection for your PC”. It outperformed its peers, scoring extremely well in both real-time tests and in on-demand scans. For free protection for your PC, Ad Aware Antivirus+ is one of the best options for the average consumer. Features include: Fast Antivirus, Legendary Antispyware, Real-time protection, Download protection, Safe Browsing and Gaming mode.

Protection at a Price

For those who need more than the average consumer Ad Aware also comes in three paid subscription options at different prices with different levels of protection. The next level is Ad Aware Personal Security. In addition to the features of the free version it also includes: Shop and bank online safely, Avoid online scams and External storage scan. This is offered at $24.00 for a 1 year subscription. Moving up the ladder is Ad Aware Pro Security. In addition to all previously mentioned features it includes: Powerful two-way firewall, Advanced protection and Real-time email protection. This comes at a cost of $36.00 for a 1 year subscription. The Flag ship software and Lava Soft recommended option is the Ad Aware Total Security. In addition to all previously mentioned features it includes: Parental control, digital Lock and File Shredder. Offered at a price of $48.00 for 1 year subscription, there is also a 50% discount on the second year price when purchasing for a 2 year subscription.

Deciding on which Ad Aware product is right for you it may be helpful to visit There you will find info all four options to compare the features that are right for you. You’ll also be able to find FAQs and product manuals.