A Fun Application for Image Editing

GIMP image editing software

GIMP is a free photo editing software available online to anyone who so desires it. Comparable to Adobe Photoshop but not quite the same, it provides what can be used as professional photo editing for students who cannot afford the pricey cost of Photoshop. It was originally released as General Image Manipulation Program, but was later changed to GNU Image Manipulation Program. Over time, it has been released for many different types of operating systems.

What GIMP Has In Store

As a very customizable photo editing software, GIMP becomes easy to use and understand. There are ways to change the widgets, the sizes of widgets, font color, text size, and many other things. Photos that are edited can be saved, after all changes have been made, into any file type such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF. This can affect the quality of the photo so it would be best to see which file extension works best with what file. The color palette in GIMP has a wide array of colors, textures, gradients, brushes, and patterns to choose from. This software is not only for editing photography, but also drawing. By using layers, users can use all kinds of different textures, brushes and effects to create digital art.

Tools and Layers

There are many tools in GIMP that allows users to customize and edit their images. A standard paint brush can be used in all sorts of colors using the palette, along with the pencil, air brush, eraser, and bucket tool. The bucket tool allows for filling in large areas of space where there is no color or is void. It can also be used to blending images together softly. It is possible to align, crop, rotate, cut, copy, paste, scale, move and do other things with different tools. GIMP uses layers to let you edit images in a different way. A new layer may be added for different edits on an image. In case you do not like the overall look, it is possible to go back and edit or delete that layer of work entirely. This photo editing software comes with about 150 effects and filters available and can be used on any image.

There are plenty of things to utilize with GIMP; it has so many features and ways to edit photos. It is generally easier to work with photo editing programs using a tablet and a pen, so it becomes more like pencil and paper, especially when drawing.